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                                ​​NEW FDNY RULES ON TAGS & DECALS 

                      Portable Fire Extinguishers and Cooking Hood Exhaust Systems

​        The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has adopted a new rule regulating the decals and tags that serve as proof of compliance with New York City Fire Code requirements for fire extinguishers and cooking exhaust systems. 

        Effective June 1, 2018, the new FDNY regulations (as set forth in 3 RCNY 115-02) will serve to ensure that only FDNY licensed businesses perform the periodic inspection and servicing, required by NYC Fire Code. The main purpose of the rule is to crack down on fraudulent inspections by un-authorized companies performing inspections of fire extinguishers and cooking exhaust systems.

       ​The decals and tags will be issued directly from the FDNY and they will be designed with various security measures to prevent counterfeiting such as Quick Response (QR) code readable by FDNY Inspectors, via mobile devices, to access the FDNY approved company list. This is also available to the public.  Hologram imaging, making the tags virtually impossible to copy, and Unique barcode identifier for record keeping purposes.

      ​Starting October 1, 2018, only FDNY extinguisher tags will be allowed. Older tags and decals will be phased out in the month when inspections take place from October 1st, 2018 thru October 1st, 2019. New tags must be placed for new equipment, installation, and service. On October 1, 2019, full compliance is mandated.

     Additionally, the new FDNY regulations will require the following:

          * Commercial cooking exhaust system cleaning companies to use Fire Department-issued, numbered decals as proof of compliance with Fire Code inspection and cleaning requirements.

          * Companies who sell or service portable fire extinguishers to use Fire Department-issued, numbered tags as proof of compliance with Fire Code inspection, testing and servicing requirements.
          * Only licensed companies are eligible to purchase the Fire Department-issued decals and tags, and only the Fire Department-issued decals and tags will be acceptable proof of the inspection, cleaning and/or servicing.

Violators of the new Fire Code requirements are subject to receiving civil or criminal penalty charges. Additionally, a violation for a missing tag or decal can result in a denial, suspension, revocation or non-renewal of a Fire Department certificate.

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   These changes only impact New York City locations under the jurisdiction of FDNY.
   As a valued customer of VICTOR FIRE PROTECTION, you can rest assure you are covered under the NEW codes and regulations. We value your business and offer first class service while keeping you in compliance.